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PJSC "NDU" as a client of the ICSD Clearstream Banking Luxembourg performs depositary record keeping of foreign issuers’ securities placed outside Ukraine. Under condition of foreign issuers’ securities availability in Clearstream depositary system and possibility of their crediting to PJSC “NDU” securities account in Clearstream, Ukrainian depositary institutions have an opportunity to credit the following types of securities: shares, corporate bonds, foreign government bonds, depositary receipts and other securities, to their own securities accounts or their clients’ securities accounts. It enables depositary institutions’ clients to perform record keeping and to implement their securities ownership rights (including income receipt) without the necessity to open securities accounts outside Ukraine. Confirmation of foreign securities ownership is a securities account statement provided by a depository institution in Ukraine.


CSD Regulation

Servicing of cross-border transactions within the depositary system of Ukraine

cl. 5 Section ІІІ

Servicing of transactions with securities that have been issued or placed outside Ukraine within the depositary system of Ukraine

cl. 5.1

Servicing of issuers’ operations related to the Ukrainian issuers’ securities placement and circulation outside Ukraine

cl. 5.2

The procedure of a securities account opening to a correspondent depository

cl. 5.3


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