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ACA NDUAccredited Certification Authority of the National Depository of Ukraine (CA NDU) was established in 2008. It is one of the key elements of the Automated Information System of the National Depository System of Ukraine (AIS NDSU) and a central integral part of a complex system of AIS NDSU information protection.

NDU CA is intended to service depository activity exercised by legal entities (including state-owned entities) through a depository accounting software. The main services provided by CA NDU are as follows:


  • electronic digital signature, with the help of which one can certify integrity of the document that is being signed and identify a person that signs the document. Electronic digital signature is deemed to have the same status as a person’s own signature;
  • cryptographic information protection provides for confidentiality of transmitting information;
  • servicing of public-key certificates facilitates timely blocking, update, cancellation of intensified public-key certificates.

CA NDU can remotely form private (secret) keys and intensified public-key certificates on clients’ personal computers (no need to visit NDU CA personally).

Regulation with electronic digital signature