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Послуги емітентам

Securities issuers can get a whole range of top quality services related to servicing book-entry securities as well as allocating international securities identification numbers (ISINs).

Key services rendered to issuers:

  • opening and maintenance of issuers’ securities accounts;
  • crediting securities to issuers’ accounts via depositing a global/temporary global certificate of issue in a book-entry form;
  • opening securities accounts and executing transactions for issuers that go through the setting-up stage;
  • servicing transactions of securities placement on owners’ accounts;
  • on-exchange IPO servicing;
  • reflecting issuers’ buy-back transactions;
  • reflecting issuers’ securities circulation on the secondary market;
  • issuers’ calculation and payout of proceeds on outstanding securities;
  • corporate actions processing (operations related to change of share capital, share split, consolidation as well as operations related to restructuring, cancellation of the whole issue or its part etc.);
  • servicing transactions related to transference of issuers’ bearer documentary shares to registered shares (conversion);
  • drawing up a register of registered securities owners (in electronic and hard copy forms);
  • issuance of information certificates to be submitted to the public authorities;
  • certifying issuers’ reports upon securities placement;
  • providing information and advisory services.


We offer our customers a wide network of depositary institutions – the largest banks and companies in Ukraine, in which securities accounts are opened for owners.


NDU offers its services and strives for broadening their range in the future.

Individual approach, professional expertise and top quality services are the key priorities of our activity.

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