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Послуги депозитарним установамTechnological complex of depositary activity used by depositary institutions provides for performance of all operations, envisaged in the current legislation that regulates depositary, clearing and settlement activity, and includes the whole necessary functional of depositary activity for a depositary institution.

Moreover, NDU offers depositary institutions and their depositors a full-fledged depositary servicing of cross-border securities transactions (via foreign correspondent depositories and S.W.I.F.T. network employment), safe accounting of entitlements to foreign securities in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian securities abroad, and placing of non-documentary (book-entry) securities abroad.

NDU renders depositary institutions the following services:

• opening and maintenance of securities accounts;
• placement of book-entry securities;
• settlement of securities transactions:

  • on-exchange DVP;
  • OTC DVP;
  • OTC FOP;
  • on-exchange IPO;

• immobilization of bearer securities;
• issuer’s corporate actions servicing;
• notification/confirmation on issuers’ corporate actions;
• record-keeping of encumbered securities;
• statement of transactions executed on depositary institution’s securities account;
• refinancing of depositary institutions or depositary institutions’ clients by the National Bank of Ukraine using collateralized corporate securities under NDU custody;
• lending/borrowing by a depositary institution (a commercial bank) using collateralized corporate securities under NDU custody (inter-bank lending);
• income payment on depositary institutions’ accounts for their further distribution among beneficial owners;
• compilation of reference books (information on issuers, securities issues, professional participants, etc.)
• providing for safe documents management while performing depositary operations;
• information and advisory services.

Connection to NDU Data Processing System and the corresponding software is free of charge for depositary institutions. Thanks to NDU Data Processing System depositary institutions can execute all transactions regarding depositary, clearing and settlement activity, manage electronic document flow, set up depositary institution’s billing system as well as compile and submit administrative data to NSSMC.

NDU will do its best to broaden the range of provided services. Individual approach, professionalism and rendering top-quality services are the main priorities of our activity.


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