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Within the framework of implementation of the State Program for Development of the National Depository System of Ukraine, the National Depository of Ukraine developed a technological complex of depository activity.

SoftwareThe technological complex provides for performance of all operations, envisaged in the current legislation that regulates depository as well as clearing and settlement activity of securities depository, and includes the whole necessary functional of depository activity for a securities custodian.

The technological complex provides for a full-fledged operating of participants of the National Depository System of Ukraine (NDSU) while interacting with NDU information processing system.

Due to implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions and improved operations' algorithms, the technological complex provides for a significantly enhanced automation, convenient and reliable execution of depository as well as clearing and settlement operations.

Main advantages of the NDU technological complex are as follows:
  • online operation (system's reactivity, operations with securities are performed instantly);
  • extensive functionality of software product (tailored to the needs of market participants);
  • easy-to-use product (can be used by any user regardless of his/her proficiency level);
  • employment of cutting-edge technological solutions, proved by Ukrainian and global financial institutions (compliance with international standards of securities accounting and operating);
  • automated mechanism for product’s versions update, that will enable custodians to timely receive new product’s versions without additional actions - within the framework of daily connection to the NDU module;
  • system's flexibility, that facilitates swift introduction of necessary modifications shall there be changes of legislation or new needs of market participants;
  • possibility to develop in the nearest future on the basis of the new version electronic documents management with register holders, issuers, securities traders and other NDSU participants;
  • extensive opportunities for further system's development.
The technological complex also provides for full-fledged depository servicing of cross-boarder securities transactions (via foreign correspondent depositories and S.W.I.F.T. network employment), safe accounting of entitlements to foreign securities in Ukraine as well as Ukrainian securities abroad.

Moreover, all depository functions are performed in combination with the following newly formed elements:
  • National Information Network and Data Transfer System (first stage), employment of which will enable market participants to take to the full extent advantages of electronic documents management while exercising professional activity, including drawing up reports in electronic format and their submission to the State Bodies;
  • Backup Datacenter, employment of which on the geographically remote software and hardware complex will enable NDU to provide for the best level of safe and flawless performance of depository and clearing and settlement activity. Even if NDU Primary Datacenter fails to operate, due to its Backup Datacenter, NDU will carry on servicing of operations for all NDSU participants;
  • Certification Authority provides participants of the national record-keeping system with electronic digital signature and enciphering – electronic documents management by NDSU participants is performed in keeping with the Law of Ukraine ‘On Electronic Digital Signature’.
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express - free data management system.