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Finding acts for issuers


In accordance with the service agreement issue concluded with the National Depository of Ukraine, payment for the depositary to make monthly by the last day of the current month for the previous month on the basis of the Act on the provision of services.


to promptly obtain Aсt for services you need:

  1. Enter EDRPOU organization code (if necessary enter the code of USRJII).
  2. Select the required period of service (month and year).
  3. Enter the password. A password is the number of Statements of adherence to the agreement on security issues, such as ОВ-1234 (if no Statement - number of Agreement of issuer service, for example, E-1234/СИ .
  4. Press "Start Search" , which will appear if the data you entered is valid.


    SSREOU code (Single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine code) should be 8 digits long. Other characters are not allowed.
    SSRCII code (Single state register of collective investment institutions code) should be from 6 to 8 digits long. Other characters are not allowed.